How to Plan a Postpartum Baby-Moon and LOVE Your 4th Trimester!

Expert planning help for creating the ultimate postpartum self-care plan!

Are you anxious about your postpartum recovery?

Have you heard stories about long sleepless nights with a newborn?

Perhaps you had a difficult 4th trimester with your first baby and want to avoid that again?

...Or maybe you're just a planner... and you'd like to plan for a RELAXING and PEACEFUL Postpartum "Baby-Moon" and fall madly in love with your new baby!

Who wouldn't want that, right?!!

Instead of being stressed out or exhausted after giving birth, this course will get you ready to be spoiled and pampered while snuggling and bonding with your newborn...

If you want to enjoy your newborn and have a restful and peaceful postpartum recovery, I can show you how!

Unfortunately, many women are blind-sided by the challenges of their postpartum recovery and life with a newborn.

They simply are not prepared.

Are You Postpartum Ready?

Maybe you've already planned for the birth, bought baby supplies and even decorated the nursery, but don't forget the most important planning of all....

... Postpartum self-care!

Instead of having a good self-care plan, many new mamas find themselves "winging it" and consequently lacking ...HELP... SLEEP... and JOY...

But, it doesn't have to be that way!

How to Plan a 2-Week Baby-Moon

Now, more than ever, you really NEED a postpartum plan!

As a postpartum doula, I have helped hundreds of families during the 4th trimester and I have seen first-hand how preparation and planning can make all the difference.

Allow me to help YOU get ready for an AMAZING 4th trimester.

I've gathered together all my favorite doula tips and tricks for postpartum recovery into this one comprehensive planning resource.

When you buy this course, you'll get my easy short-cut to planning a 2-week relaxing and FUN Postpartum Baby-Moon Vacation.

You'll also have all the tools you need to THRIVE (not just SURVIVE) during the 4th trimester!

Here's what you'll learn in this course:

  • How to organize your home before baby
  • Tips for preparing do-ahead freezer meals
  • How to handle visitors
  • How to create a family sleep plan
  • What postpartum self-care supplies that you'll need
  • How to care for your physical and emotional postpartum needs
  • How to get help so that you can rest
  • Ways to communicate your needs, expectations, goals and concerns
  • How to create a 2-week+ meal plan, chore plan, childcare plan, pet care plan and baby care plan so you can REST plan!
  • Newborn care tips
  • Much more...

How this course will help you...

It's the Ultimate Postpartum Self-Care Planning Course!

I'll help you to complete and customize the perfect postpartum plan during your pregnancy, so that when baby arrives, you and your partner can just push <PLAY> as you relax, heal and enjoy this precious bonding time together with your newborn.

You deserve to be pampered and spoiled after giving birth

Your body is accomplishing an AMAZING thing by growing and birthing a baby human!

After your baby's birth, you will still have 6-8 weeks of recovery and adjustment ahead of you. Don't take this time lightly and give yourself permission to really rest, bond with your baby and EMBRACE the 4th trimester.

I'll show you step-by-step just how to do that...


This course comes with a 28-page printable planning workbook that includes planning sheets, "to-do" checklists, recipes, shopping lists, and even door signs...

The comprehensive planning e-workbook also includes thoughtful pre-baby reflection questions to help you and your partner identify and communicate your goals, expectations, concerns and wishes about life with a newborn.

You'll also get an emotional self-care checklist and risk assessment tool for managing your emotional and mental health during pregnancy and postpartum recovery.


Your Instructor

Karen Kostohris CD(DONA), CPD, CLC
Karen Kostohris CD(DONA), CPD, CLC

Hi, I'm Karen! I am a certified postpartum doula, birth doula and lactation counselor. I am also a wife, mother and grandmother. I LOVE helping parents welcome a new baby into their family! The 4th trimester is a time of tremendous blessing, but it also comes with its share of challenges. I help parents figure out their "new normal" and provide evidence-based online support for pregnancy, postpartum and newborn care. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your new parent journey!

Get Professional Postpartum Doula Support in this course!

...and avoid the mistake that many new mamas make...

What people are saying ...

"This course blessed me. The checklists and questions really helped me to be just as intentional in preparing for a third baby as my first two and not just relying on what I remember from my previous experiences years ago." - Renee, South St. Paul, MN

"Well, my baby girl is 4 months old now & I can say that the newborn time was not a crazy sleepless experience but an incredibly sweet & cuddly experience!!! I followed your plan for resting and by doing that I didn’t feel the stress and pressure of my house calling to me. Instead, I got to spend time preciously soaking up my newborn in her snuggles & sweetness. I just wanted to thank you for giving me vision for what that time should look like postpartum. The fruit from doing it was so sweet!!" - Katelyn, USA

"Thanks for all the amazing information. My husband and I are on the same page now... this is really priceless!❤" - Diana, Austin, TX

"I'm so excited to have found this course. I feel ready for my baby now. I wish I knew about it with my first! " - Chelsea, Grand Rapids, MI

Wait... It gets even BETTER!!!

This course also comes with private virtual postpartum doula and lactation support!

Many e-courses come with a private Facebook group for ongoing group support. Instead, I have opted for one-on-one follow-up support via email or phone calls.

As a student of this course, you'll get up to 3 sessions of virtual postpartum support from a professional postpartum doula and lactation counselor!

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